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A full internal & external renovation, double storey extension to side and rear .... A complete remodel!

With an unexpected twist....

The mission was to transform and blend the traditional British design layout with contemporary elements, without sacrificing any of the classic elegance that defines its original style.

This Hertfordshire home has received the Progressive Design treatment, which made it into both a feast for the eyes, as well as a sanctuary for the body and mind.

The exquisite black aluminium windows and bi-folding patio doors, together with the black slate roof tiles create a wonderful contrast with the white rendering applied to the house.

Looks nice, right? Just wait until you see what is on the inside…Before & After video and a 3D tour below....

The twist ...... The Client becomes part of the Team!

“It became the norm to say I was happy with my builders – which many raised their eyebrows at! I was genuinely surprised by how the Progressive Design team built our home, polite, friendly, considerate, knowledgable, respectful to our neighbours and most surprisingly very tidy!

I decided to venture back into a career after children and I pursued Marius to take me on in the office. Working for them now, I create new opportunities by individually selecting potential projects and working from the very beginning with clients. I won’t lie the last few months of 2020 were a challenge with Covid and new times, but we have genuinely realised where we best serve our clients –

Building family homes to fill with a lifetime of memories :-) And I believe there is no better team than Progressive Design, led and trained by Marius Juncu.

We appreciate that time is money and we never compromise on quality and finish.”

by Toria

If you would like to hear more about Toria's experience and how Progressive Design can help you, contact us today!


Walk through this family home with our 3D tour....

Click the image for 3D tour
Click the image for 3D tour